What is my Normal Pension Age?

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For the pension you build up from 1 April 2015, your Normal Pension Age is not fixed at age 65 but, instead, is the same as your State Pension Age (but with a minimum of age 65).

You can check your Normal Pension Age by looking up your current State Pension Age.  You can use the Government’s State Pension Age calculator to find out your State Pension Age. Please note that this calculator does not include proposed changes to State Pension Age.

It is important to know that further changes to your State Pension Age are possible in the future. This means that the date currently quoted could change. If your State Pension Age increases in the future, then your Normal Pension Age for the LGPS pension you build up from April 2015 will also be increased.

For pension benefits built up before April 2015, your Normal Pension Age is protected.